A Facebook Favor

A Facebook Favor

Another day, another stolen Facebook identity.

Friends, lock down your Facebook.

The world of identity theft is growing rapidly, because people are trying to find easier and more efficient ways to become a criminal. There are those who sit at home and do nothing more than find ways to hack someone’s account. (I say bring back tar and feathering for these people, but that is another topic).

Recently, after a large number of people having their Facebook accounts hacked, I decided to lock down my Facebook account as much as possible to prevent craziness from effecting my friends. Doing caused a brief moment of frustration because sharing my posts became a problem because they were “private.” While this caused some delay, it brought a greater sense of security. Then it happened…another friend request from an already friended friend.

Friends, I encourage you to lock down your Facebook. Spend time looking at your security settings so you are not allowing or even opening the door to have your account hacked. Use common sense when adding people to your friends list. A rule I use is to not add friends for a week once I have received the request. This gives me time to think about whether or not they are a friend or a number on a list.

Regarding Facebook Messenger, some messages of people you are not friends with fall into the Message Request category. When I go through the message request category, I am very cautious on what I read or even open. Normally, I clear them out. Be wary about clicking links in Messenger, or any links, because you never know where you will end up.

As you seek greater security for your Facebook account, remember to do the same for your spouse and your children. Share this article with others and let them know you want them to be safe as well.

There are some links and information below to consider regarding Facebook and Security.

Consider reading this short article and making changes – How Do Facebook Hacks Lead to Identity Theft (ITRC)

A few resources to read:

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Review: Psalm 23 Pamphlet by Rose Publishing

Review: Psalm 23 Pamphlet by Rose Publishing

Today, another section of the website makes its debut –  a “Review” section. This section will consist of reviews on a variety of products: books, food, and many other things which make their way across my desk.

The review today is for a pamphlet from Rose Publishing on Psalm 23.

(Full disclosure: I received a free PDF copy of the brochure for providing a review. However, receiving a copy will not effect the review.)

Before reviewing this pamphlet, let me mention a few things about Rose Publishing. I first ran across this company while researching for an upcoming sermon years ago. While I cannot remember the first chart I received from Rose Publishing, I will say that over the years I have been privileged to enjoy many of their Bible echarts for free because I signed-up in their mailing list. You can do that as well by going here: http://www.rose-publishing.com/

Now, onto the review…


While Psalm 23 is the most beloved psalm, it is also one that many take for granted. There is a powerful story behind the psalm and it is only magnified when one becomes a greater student of the language and culture. The Psalm 23 pamphlet by Rose Publishing allows the reader to understand the language as well as the cultural context of the time of its writing. Admittedly, many of us are unfamiliar with the what a shepherd does except for watching sheep. This pamphlet provides tidbits of information relating to the responsibilities of a shepherd through out the text. Further, the pamphlet gives an overview of the nature of sheep. Since the shepherd-sheep relationship is a key component to Scripture (and to Christian Living) it is vital to understanding the cultural background of the Psalmist.

The format of the pamphlet is well put together for reading and study. The verses are broken down into three sections: Meaning, Application and Related Passages. The Meaning section gives a brief overview of the verse while the Application sections give a few more insights before providing questions. The questions are designed to challenge your thinking by reflecting on the passage as well as your current spiritual condition. The Related Passage section will give you verses for further study.

Visually, the pamphlet is eye catching. There are materials on the market that are very dull in color and you would walk by, but not with this one. The colors, along with the pictures and the color charts, provide a pleasant experience to the eyes. All of this makes for a great reading experience.

Throughout the pamphlet there are charts, lists and tidbits of information to assist you in understanding the various key points of the Psalm along with other related terms in scripture. A good example is Psalm 23.4 where the phrase “Your rod and staff, they comfort me” occurs. In this section, a chart is provided mentioning the various rods and staffs in the Bible. Charts like that one on “Rods and staffs” are helpful for further study and Bible knowledge.

Having read through the pamphlet several times, I feel this would be a great pamphlet for a variety of settings: small group study, a large group study and even a personal study. Due to the usefulness of the material, it would also be a great way to study with someone since most people are familiar with Psalm 23.

You can find out more about the pamphlet here: http://www.rose-publishing.com/Psalm-23-Pamphlet-P400.aspx

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Review Opportunities:

If you are interested in having your product reviewed, you can send an email by using the form below and I will reply within 24 hours.

20 Minute Habits (Podcast Episode #2)

20 Minute Habits (Podcast Episode #2)

Download the Podcast MP3 here.

Welcome to episode #2 of the podcast.

This episode is a little over 20 minutes, just barely, but the information can help you develop 20 minute daily habits to assist you in personal growth.  20 minutes can give you the edge you need. Just 1,200 seconds and provide you the edge you need to conquer a new area of life. 20 minutes one time may not change your future, but it can. In fact, 20 minutes every day can begin to plant a seed for further growth later in life.

Here are a few of my 20 minute tools:

New Language:

  • Duolingo – Duolingo is the app I use to study Spanish. It is a simple and rewarding way to spend about 20 minutes a day learning a new language.
  • Sign Language – Soon I am going to start learning sign language but I have not found the best training system yet. If you know of one, let me know.


Audio Podcasts:

  • Player FM Podcast Player – Player FM gives me the features I need in a simple way. Easily download podcasts, auto-delete feature to delete them after you listen to them and more.
  • ****My Current podcast List – Here is a link to my current podcast list. You can download it and import it into your podcast player.
    • **** The site I use is down (figures). I will update this with a link as soon as I get it.


Meditation / Thought Reset

  • Headspace – This app is free for the first ten episodes of guided meditation. Each guided meditation takes about ten minutes.
  • Accupuncture Back Mat – When not using headspace and just laying on the floor, I use this acupuncture backmat and listen to a few classical songs or other calming songs on Amazon MP3



  • Push up Bars – Simple push up bars can make a difference in your training.
  • Hand Therapy – I use these in the car, at the office, and wherever else.


Spiritual Life

  • Prayer – Prayer is my one way verbal discussion with my Creator.
  • Reading – To be a “man of the book” you have to read the book.


New Hobby

  • Back to Guitar – It has been a while, but I am starting to get back to playing. I discovered several four chord guitar programs that I am looking to try. Here is one – Musopia; FourChords.
  • I also mentioned my brothers site, FreeandEasyGuitar.com
  • Ukelele – A crazy purchase got me to start this long process.

I hope you enjoyed the podcast and the links in the show notes. Stay tuned for some upcoming podcasts and more information.

Just some thoughts,


Some 40 + Favorite Quotes

Some 40 + Favorite Quotes

As many of you know I am a quote hoarder. I have a collection of quotes scattered throughout my journal, planner, Evernote files and Onenote files. I am constantly looking and saving great quotes to stir my mind. A one line quote should be something that stirs our thinking. They are not to be a cure-all, but instead a few words to bring us out of our comfort zone and into a great sense of creativity.

Below are a few of my favorite quotes I have collected. If you would like the entire set of the quotes in a PDF document, you can click here to open and then print or download the PDF – Some of My Favorite Quotes

Some of My Favorite Quotes1 Some of My Favorite Quotes2 Some of My Favorite Quotes3 Some of My Favorite Quotes4 Some of My Favorite Quotes5 Some of My Favorite Quotes6 Some of My Favorite Quotes7 Some of My Favorite Quotes8 Some of My Favorite Quotes9 Some of My Favorite Quotes10 Some of My Favorite Quotes11 Some of My Favorite Quotes12 Some of My Favorite Quotes13 Some of My Favorite Quotes14 Some of My Favorite Quotes15 Some of My Favorite Quotes16 Some of My Favorite Quotes17 Some of My Favorite Quotes18 Some of My Favorite Quotes19 Some of My Favorite Quotes20 Some of My Favorite Quotes21 Some of My Favorite Quotes22 Some of My Favorite Quotes23 Some of My Favorite Quotes24 Some of My Favorite Quotes25 Some of My Favorite Quotes26 Some of My Favorite Quotes27 Some of My Favorite Quotes28 Some of My Favorite Quotes29 Some of My Favorite Quotes30 Some of My Favorite Quotes31 Some of My Favorite Quotes32 Some of My Favorite Quotes33 Some of My Favorite Quotes34 Some of My Favorite Quotes35 Some of My Favorite Quotes36 Some of My Favorite Quotes37 Some of My Favorite Quotes38 Some of My Favorite Quotes39 Some of My Favorite Quotes40 Some of My Favorite Quotes41 Some of My Favorite Quotes42 Some of My Favorite Quotes43 Some of My Favorite Quotes44

If you have made it this far, you should get a prize. Thank you for taking a moment of your day to view the quotes. I hope they are able to benefit you as they have benefited me.

Just my thoughts,


Gallagher Podcast #1 – Interview with Dale Sadler

Gallagher Podcast #1 – Interview with Dale Sadler

The podcast is here and it is here to stay!

A1H8FbGl1eL._UX250_This week’s podcast features Dale Sadler. Dale is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Mental Health Service Provider, speaker, minister, artist, author, fly-fisherman, and avid hiker. Dale has a passion for assisting families in growing stronger and healthier. Dale is also the author of three books, each available on Amazon: Generations to Come, No More Yelling and 28 Days to a Better Marriage.

You can contact Dale through his website DaleSadler.netAmazon Author page and his Facebook Fan Page.

Enjoy today’s interview with Dale Sadler. 

You are listening to this podcast directly through the ChristopherMGallagher.com and the PreacherPen.org website. Soon it will be available on iTunes and other Podcast directories. Stay tuned. But for now, here is the podcast.

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