20 Minute Habits (Podcast Episode #2)

20 Minute Habits (Podcast Episode #2)

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Welcome to episode #2 of the podcast.

This episode is a little over 20 minutes, just barely, but the information can help you develop 20 minute daily habits to assist you in personal growth.  20 minutes can give you the edge you need. Just 1,200 seconds and provide you the edge you need to conquer a new area of life. 20 minutes one time may not change your future, but it can. In fact, 20 minutes every day can begin to plant a seed for further growth later in life.

Here are a few of my 20 minute tools:

New Language:

  • Duolingo – Duolingo is the app I use to study Spanish. It is a simple and rewarding way to spend about 20 minutes a day learning a new language.
  • Sign Language – Soon I am going to start learning sign language but I have not found the best training system yet. If you know of one, let me know.


Audio Podcasts:

  • Player FM Podcast Player – Player FM gives me the features I need in a simple way. Easily download podcasts, auto-delete feature to delete them after you listen to them and more.
  • ****My Current podcast List – Here is a link to my current podcast list. You can download it and import it into your podcast player.
    • **** The site I use is down (figures). I will update this with a link as soon as I get it.


Meditation / Thought Reset

  • Headspace – This app is free for the first ten episodes of guided meditation. Each guided meditation takes about ten minutes.
  • Accupuncture Back Mat – When not using headspace and just laying on the floor, I use this acupuncture backmat and listen to a few classical songs or other calming songs on Amazon MP3



  • Push up Bars – Simple push up bars can make a difference in your training.
  • Hand Therapy – I use these in the car, at the office, and wherever else.


Spiritual Life

  • Prayer – Prayer is my one way verbal discussion with my Creator.
  • Reading – To be a “man of the book” you have to read the book.


New Hobby

  • Back to Guitar – It has been a while, but I am starting to get back to playing. I discovered several four chord guitar programs that I am looking to try. Here is one – Musopia; FourChords.
  • I also mentioned my brothers site, FreeandEasyGuitar.com
  • Ukelele – A crazy purchase got me to start this long process.

I hope you enjoyed the podcast and the links in the show notes. Stay tuned for some upcoming podcasts and more information.

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Some 40 + Favorite Quotes

Some 40 + Favorite Quotes

As many of you know I am a quote hoarder. I have a collection of quotes scattered throughout my journal, planner, Evernote files and Onenote files. I am constantly looking and saving great quotes to stir my mind. A one line quote should be something that stirs our thinking. They are not to be a cure-all, but instead a few words to bring us out of our comfort zone and into a great sense of creativity.

Below are a few of my favorite quotes I have collected. If you would like the entire set of the quotes in a PDF document, you can click here to open and then print or download the PDF – Some of My Favorite Quotes

Some of My Favorite Quotes1 Some of My Favorite Quotes2 Some of My Favorite Quotes3 Some of My Favorite Quotes4 Some of My Favorite Quotes5 Some of My Favorite Quotes6 Some of My Favorite Quotes7 Some of My Favorite Quotes8 Some of My Favorite Quotes9 Some of My Favorite Quotes10 Some of My Favorite Quotes11 Some of My Favorite Quotes12 Some of My Favorite Quotes13 Some of My Favorite Quotes14 Some of My Favorite Quotes15 Some of My Favorite Quotes16 Some of My Favorite Quotes17 Some of My Favorite Quotes18 Some of My Favorite Quotes19 Some of My Favorite Quotes20 Some of My Favorite Quotes21 Some of My Favorite Quotes22 Some of My Favorite Quotes23 Some of My Favorite Quotes24 Some of My Favorite Quotes25 Some of My Favorite Quotes26 Some of My Favorite Quotes27 Some of My Favorite Quotes28 Some of My Favorite Quotes29 Some of My Favorite Quotes30 Some of My Favorite Quotes31 Some of My Favorite Quotes32 Some of My Favorite Quotes33 Some of My Favorite Quotes34 Some of My Favorite Quotes35 Some of My Favorite Quotes36 Some of My Favorite Quotes37 Some of My Favorite Quotes38 Some of My Favorite Quotes39 Some of My Favorite Quotes40 Some of My Favorite Quotes41 Some of My Favorite Quotes42 Some of My Favorite Quotes43 Some of My Favorite Quotes44

If you have made it this far, you should get a prize. Thank you for taking a moment of your day to view the quotes. I hope they are able to benefit you as they have benefited me.

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Gallagher Podcast #1 – Interview with Dale Sadler

Gallagher Podcast #1 – Interview with Dale Sadler

The podcast is here and it is here to stay!

A1H8FbGl1eL._UX250_This week’s podcast features Dale Sadler. Dale is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Mental Health Service Provider, speaker, minister, artist, author, fly-fisherman, and avid hiker. Dale has a passion for assisting families in growing stronger and healthier. Dale is also the author of three books, each available on Amazon: Generations to Come, No More Yelling and 28 Days to a Better Marriage.

You can contact Dale through his website DaleSadler.netAmazon Author page and his Facebook Fan Page.

Enjoy today’s interview with Dale Sadler. 

You are listening to this podcast directly through the ChristopherMGallagher.com and the PreacherPen.org website. Soon it will be available on iTunes and other Podcast directories. Stay tuned. But for now, here is the podcast.

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Day #1 of the 31 Day Challenge

Day #1 of the 31 Day Challenge

Today is the first day of the 31 Day Challenge. I hope that you will take the simplest challenge on the Internet. The Challenge is meant to start creating habits today for a better life tomorrow. Each of us can begin today to make some small changes, when cultivated over time will grow into habits of a better life. Every day of the 31 Day Challenge consists of assignments and suggested helps for each day. Schedules for the next four weeks are provided in this guide to assist you in charting your progress and achievements.

This process will only work if you work. There is only so much I can do to motivate you to achieve the next level. This guide contains a series of suggestions for you to put into place in your life. All this guide is, is a guide to assist you. You must take the second step in putting these suggestions into your life. (You have already taken the first step by participating in the 31 Day Challenge.)

Here are the steps in the 31 Day Challenge process:

  • Commitment – Each day is a day to renew your commitment to the program and to creating an enhanced you. Commit yourself to growing as well as making a commitment to the 31 Day Challenge.

  • Reading – Each day will consist of 30 minute period of reading, both morning and evening. The book is up to you, but I encourage you to read books that will motivate you to change yourself for the future. Using the 30 minute method in the morning and evening, there is a chance you may finish more than one book during the 31 Day Challenge. Below is a list of books I recommend:
    • The Bible – suggestion for reading Psalms and Proverbs
    • The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews
    • The Noticer by Andy Andrews
    • The Dream Test by John Maxwell
    • Attitude 101 by John Maxwell
    • Toy Box Leadership by Ron Hunter and Michael E. Waddell
    • The 21 Most Powerful Minutes in a Leaders Day by John Maxwell
    • Top Performance by Zig Ziglar
    • 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller

  • Encouragement – Each day you will be asked to encourage two people in your life. You pick the two people to encourage, but do not repeat the people during the 31 Day Challenge. Start with the people in a close relationships and work from there. Anyone can be encouraged, a spouse, child, parent, co-worker, cashier at the grocery store, etc.
    • Encourage through cards, phone calls, emails, etc.
    • Use cards and stationary around your house to send each day.
    • Make encouragement persona and create your own cards.
    • Involve your children in the encouragement process.
    • Encourage someone to take the 31 Day Challenge with you.

  • Listen – Turn of the radio and listen to audiobooks, podcasts and other educational material. Consider this, if you drive to work 30 minutes each way, you can gain an extra hour of motivating yourself every day.

  • Family Time – Each day includes one hour of time with your family. There is no distinction between quality and quantity time, your family needs both. Fridays and Saturdays consist of extra family time and other activities to strengthen the family.
    • Turn your phone off and enjoy some time together.
    • Eating dinner together is not included in the hour of quality time.
    • Time should be spent as a family, no one else included.
    • Suggestions of time spent together:
      • Finish a project together.
      • Read to your children or read as a family.
      • Take walk around the neighborhood.
      • Have everyone read a book and discuss a chapter together.
    • Friday’s are Movie Nights:
      • Rent a good, wholesome family movie and fix some popcorn.
      • Turn off your cell phones and stop checking your email; make it family time.
      • Take time and fix dinner together before the movie. Example: make your own pizza night.
    • Saturday’s are Game Nights:
      • Pick your family’s favorite board game and spend some time together.
      • Rules matter, but do not be strict – enjoy your time, but do not stress over moves.

  • Prayer/Meditation Time – A relaxation period should be taken twice a day for 15 minutes each. Use this time for meditation, prayer or a short walk. Remember to clear your mind, breathe and relax.

  • Personal Confidence Builder – Each day, you will take part in an active part in building your self-confidence. You can take simple tasks that will make a big difference in the way you view yourself. Some examples are listed below:
    • Use teeth whitening stripes for a brighter smile.
    • Use a deep cleansing face wash to refresh your skin and face.
    • Dress for success each day. Instead of the same ole jeans and shirt, dress up each day (even if you work from home.)
    • Polish your shoes.
    • Change your hairstyle.
    • Wear contacts instead of glasses.
    • Complete a difficult project.
    • Set a goal for the day and achieve it!

  • Health – Each day of the 31 Day Challenge should include at least 30 minutes of exercise time. As you spend time enhancing your education and self-confidence experience, take time to care for you health as well.
    • Suggestion: Spend time exercising as a family. Go for a 30 minute walk together, a family bike ride or even spend time playing sports with your children.
    • Fruits and Vegetables – make it a goal to each several fruits and vegetables each day. Put away the snacks and get back to the basics: apples, oranges, cantaloupe, etc.
    • Vitamins – Many people have found taking a one-a-day vitamin helps them achieve the best for their bodies.
    • As always, before beginning a training program, diet, eating program or vitamin supplement, consult with your doctor. Be sure that any vitamin supplement you may decide to take will not interfere with any treatments or medication you may be taking.


  • Throughout the next 31 days I will provide you with several different resources to assist you. I will post these on the website and through the weekly newsletters: the #Two4Tuesday and the #FridayFive. You can sign-up for the newsletter at http://www.christophermgallagher.com/newsletter
  • Download the 31 Day Challenge progress chart here -> Download it today. Feel free to download the chart as many times as you like and share it with others. Click on the chart below to download the PDF file as well.

31 Day Challenge

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Why I am Tired

Why I am Tired

A few weeks ago, someone told me I looked tired. When they asked me why, I did not tell them anything, I just acted like everything was ok.  It was not that I wanted to, it was I did not want them to think I was being a whining jerk.

The truth is, I am tired; very tired.

I go to the office in the mornings, sometimes early and sometimes later. I come home and work in the backyard trimming trees, clearing brush or working in the garden. Some days I find myself in the chicken house working to organize all the things there or to build something odd. The truth is those things are fun. I enjoy manual labor. I hated it growing up, but now I have found value working with my hands to get things done. I enjoy working with my hands and getting calluses, cuts and bruises. It’s just fun.

None of that makes me tired.

What makes me tired is people.

Seriously, people make me tired. My family, who I dearly love, does not make me tired. I get tired when I see people on social media.

I get tired hearing people talk about unity, then promoting disunity. I get tired of seeing people tell me there is only one race, the human race, then post things of the exact opposite. Instead of trying to bring people together, they add fuel to the violence of the current worldly chaos. I see people, friends, tell others one life is better than another. If you believe one life is better than another, you make me tired.

I get tired of people talk about religious unity, then practice isolationism. I get tired of seeing people tell us how great Christ is and we are all one, then they divide each other into congregation types. They talk about being one, but they actually, divide among the many. Christians are part of the same team; stop dividing people under the rug of manipulation.

I get tired of people talking about politics who only vote for people based on gender, race or who their friends vote for today. If you fall into that category, you are part of the problem and you make me tired.  Why not find your values and then find your political party? Doing that usually leaves you as an independent. If you vote for a person because of race, gender or only their political party, you have lost the common sense that our founders wished future generations possessed.

I get tired of selfies. I am tired of a new generation, who will probably have to work harder than the previous because of our bad choices, finding themselves taking a new picture of themselves every five minutes. Stop it. Put your phone down and go do something for someone else. Stop worrying about you and go serve others. Service to others leads to greatness; selfies lead to selfishness.

I get tired of people wanting others to fix their problems instead of fixing it yourself. There is a whole generation of people who want everything then whine when they do not get it. There are those who have no work ethic, yet want people to give them everything. The generation before me worked and made something; people today need to do the same.

I get tired of people believing something just because someone said it. These days, everyone has an opinion and we need to be very cautious believing everything we hear. I have seen the quote from Abraham Lincoln that says, “Do not believe everything you read on the Internet.” (Think about it.) Just because someone says something you think is important does not make it right.

I get tired of people complaining and not doing anything. Personal drama and complaints are the black hole of social media. Anyone who gets to close and be pulled into the chaotic world of complaints. I know it might seem like I am complaining, but I am just verbalizing my long-held views on this topic. Stop complaining and do something good.

After a very few short years of this life, I have begun to figure out where I must be daily. I must be in the lives of my family. I will not change the world through the government, through a blog post or through an inspiring message. I will change the world through small things done consistently over time passed from one generation to the next.

OK, so here is what we are going to do.

By “We” I mean anyone who I tired too. By “We” I mean anyone who is willing to take a stand against the foolishness of the world and start creating a life for the future.

We are no longer going to stand by and watch the fading of opportunities, but we will hold ourselves accountable to each opportunity that comes before us.

We are no longer going to let the foolish demands of the world take the place of our divine purpose.

We will no longer be used as pawns by a worthless world, instead we will rise up and see our value not as a number, but as a living human being who has a successful legacy ahead.

We will no longer going to talk about doing something, but we are going to do something.

Beginning August 1st, I will issue you a 31 day challenge. 31 days to the beginning of a better you. The purpose is to get a group of individuals who want to begin living better but do not know where to start.

I am not perfect, but I would like to help you. For the month of August, I want to challenge you to begin creating habits leading to a great life and a greater legacy.

  • Each week there is a teleconference call to get everyone moving in the same direction.
  • Each week there are a series of articles to read and make a part of your daily routine.
  • Each week there are steps to take to begin creating a better you from Day 1 to Day 31.

What will you need to do?

  • I am looking for a select group of committed people. Each individual needs to commit a few minutes each day to begin developing habits to lay the foundation for a better life.
  • I am looking for a select group of people who will be dedicated to living better even when times get hard and people want to bring you down.
  • You will need to invest part of your time each day into becoming better.
  • You will need to follow a planner of items to schedule throughout the day to begin laying the foundation of better living.

It will take a small time investment each day to follow through with beginning to create new habits.

It will take a small time investment to call in to the Sunday night teleconference and get your encouragement for the week. It will take time to begin creating habits.

Do you want to be part of the 31 Day Challenge? It is simple, there is no cost and the benefits will be amazing if you are willing to take your life to the next level.

Simply go to 31daychallenge.christophermgallagher.com and sign-up. There is an application there to begin the process of being a part of the 31 Day Challenge. More information will be mailed to you shortly.

I hope you will think about taking on the challenge.






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