Today is Monday and I will be happy. I choose the happiness of a Monday, consciously and actively. I will not complain about my health today because I am alive to appreciate the health that I do have.  I will not gloat over the small of things, because the smallest of things try men’s souls so we may appreciate every breath. I will choose happiness of time even though I might run out of time in a day, because some people will not see the end of today.

I will choose happiness on a Monday and here are 21 reasons why:

  • I have a family who loves me and I love them.
  • I can share moments with my children before they grow up to fast.
  • I have a home to call my own to shield me from the elements.
  • I can walk around the neighborhood with my family this evening.
  • I have bills that I can pay, which means I have a career to enjoy.
  • I can pray and know that God hears me.
  • I have a yard to mow, because I have something of my own.
  • I can call someone to let them know we care.
  • I have more than one Bible to read how God would have me to live today.
  • I can relax in my rocking chair in the morning while the dew is on the ground.
  • I have the ability to see the sun rise in the morning and set in the evening. (Lord willing)
  • I can tell someone how richly blessed they can be in Christ.
  • I have food on my table instead of being hungry.
  • I can bless someone else with what God has given me.
  • I have the ability to live in a free country.
  • I can hear the music of my MP3 player.
  • I have eyes that can read and I can read.
  • I can smell the rain coming to Gadsden/Southside.
  • I have Christ.
  • I can speak, even when no one listens.
  • I have been blessed more than I deserve.

Today is Monday and I choose to be happy. I will let the blessing in my life fill my cup because of the One who always blesses.

Just my thoughts,

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