Continuing in the photo challenge, I will let you in on the quick history of the Preacher’s Pen website.The website has become a part of my ministry, my writing, and my life. This is just a small history of how it began.

Day #4 – The Preacher’s Pen

In 2003 I began writing online with various articles and random thoughts. The site was a simple site shared with family and friends through email. The majority of the articles were coming from a small weekly email I was sending out called “Small Talk.”  Along with the email “Small Talk” I was printing a newsletter edition every so often and sending it out through regular mail.

In the beginning, I had no idea what a “Blog” was; it sounded like a sickness more than a writing medium. As the articles were posted to the internet, the number of emails slowed down because people from all over the world could access the articles online.

Around mid-2006, after moving to South Carolina and changing the design of the website, the domain name was purchased. From that moment; all ministry-type articles would be separated from others and posted strictly on the Preacher’s Pen.

Over the years, the site has changed several different times and have a varied amount of traffic throughout the world. Currently, I have taken a break from writing to work on some projects, but now, the writing is resuming at a slower pace.

From a small site to the site it is now, the Preacher’s Pen website continues to encourage others to create a better day today for a better life tomorrow, based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Just some thoughts,

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