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We Just Never Know

Mount Everest is the highest peak in the word at 29,029 feet.  Over the years, thousands of people have reached the peak and approximately 290 have died during the journey. In 1997, Jon Krakauer wrote of the 1996 Mount Everest expedition in which eight climbers lost...

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Spiritual Complacency

When Apple introduced the iPhone in 2006, Nokia had 50% of the world consumer cell phone market and BlackBerry had 49% of the world business cell phone market.  Both companies essentially looked at Apple and said, "The iPhone is just a toy.  It's a passing fad."...

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The Greatest Act of a Christian

Each one knows that the world is continually watching our actions when they know that we are Christians; with this in mind, what is the most significant action a Christian can take each day? All of us are to let our light shine before men so they can see our good...

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Another Step in Life

As the end of May approaches, so does the end of school. Before the days of summer begin, a few of our young people will graduate and take another step in life.  For those graduating college or high school, the next step may be to further education or to a new...

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