Study Outlines

Study Outlines

Have you always wanted to study the Bible, but did not know exactly where to begin?

The outlines below are simple outlines to being your personal study. You will notice the outlines are not complete. Use them as a guide to help you study.

Preachers, feel free to use these as a help to kick start our sermon on Sunday.

Outline #1 – Attitude Determines Altitude

  • Why is Attitude Important?
    • Attitudes are always forming
    • Attitudes are formed when we are young
    • Attitude problems are the result of heart problems
  • What must My Attitude be?
    • Not as the rich young ruler.
    • The Attitude of Christ
    • We need an attitude of “Yes! We can!”
  • How is your attitude?
    • Is it Christ-like?
    • Since attitude problems are heart problems, where is your heart?
    • Have you learned to be content?

Outline #2 – Do Not Mumble or Grumble

  • The Dangerous Attitude of Complaining
    • How can we be blameless and shining as lights in the world, if we complain?
    • Complainers bring others down.
  • The Dangerous Attitude of Disputing
    • Some people try to dispute, stir up anger and arguments
    • “All that is needed to make a mountain out of a molehill is a little dirt.”
  • Our Attitudes and Words
    • Words affect people?
    • Replace complaining and disputing with good things (i.e. – thankfulness, faith, kindness, etc)
    • What will your words do today

Outline #3 – Taking it all in and letting none of it out

  • The Most Followed command?
    • Matthew 8:4 – “See that you tell no one…”
    • Why did Jesus say that phrase?
    • Do many people follow it today?
  • Why do many follow those words today?
    • Fear
    • Specifically, fear of rejection
    • Some are afraid they will be wrong
    • What is the solution?
  • We need to get off our “buts.” (ex. – I really know I should but…)
    • Isaiah 6:8 – “Here am I, send me”

Outline #4 – Simply Trusting God

  • Simply trusting God means you are like Joseph
    • Remember Joseph’s words to his brothers? (Genesis 45:5)
    • Joseph kept confidence by relying on God’s providence
  • Simply trusting in God means you are like Daniel
    • Daniel was a man of principles
      • He refused the kings food.
      • He refused not to pray.
    • God admires principles. (Psalm 15:1-5)

Outline #5 – Christian Repentance

  • Why would a Christian need to repent?
    • Sin
    • Isaiah 1:18
  • Christians can stray away
    • Demas (2 Timothy 4:10)
    • Simon the Sorcerer (Acts 8:13; 18-23)
  • What is your reaction to sin?
    • Do you deny it?
    • Do you try to cover it up?
    • Do you justify it?
    • Do you take responsibility?
  • You must live a life of action
    • “Faith without works is dead.”
    • You are salt and light
  • Christian’s Change
    • They change as they grow
    • Psalm 51

Outline #6 – “Lord I believe. Help my unbelief.” (Mark 9:34)

  • The situation: the disciples were not able to cast out a spirit of a boy, so the Father appealed to Jesus.
  • “Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.”
    • Note the verse is not a contradiction.
    • It may be better rendered, “Lord, I believe. Help my unfaithfulness.”
  • Do you believe but lack faith?
    • Are you in need of an increase of faith?
    • The father had belief, but he needed more faith.
  • How can you increase your faith?
    • Romans 10:17
    • Start now. (Matthew 4:18-20)
    • Attend uplifting events. (Hebrews 10:24-25)
    • Find contentment and joy in God. (Philippians 4)
    • When in doubt, pray. (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

Remember to use these outlines are a guide for further study.

Check back next Wednesday for a few more outlines.

Just my thoughts,

New Sermons: Loneliness and Guilt

New Sermons: Loneliness and Guilt

Human emotions are tricky. One day your emotions are perfectly fine and another day they seem to be all confused. Life, aka – the human experience, can be a roller-coaster ride and your emotions flow right along with it. Throughout a person’s life, they have feelings of guilt and loneliness. Each time, the emotions may differ in strength, but they still have their effects.

There are times when guilt and loneliness can be overwhelming and start to hinder the progress of our lives. It is then time to find the steps necessary to begin to break free from our burdens and begin to grow again.

Here are two recent lessons on Loneliness and Guilt are you free to download and use. The links to the Microsoft Word and the Microsoft PowerPoint files are below the picture.

guilt burden

The Burden of Guilt Microsoft Word document (Right-click and choose “Save As…”)

The Burden of Guilt Microsoft PowerPoint document (Right-click and choose “Save As…”)

The Burden of Loneliness Microsoft Word document (Right-click and choose “Save As…”)

The Burden of Loneliness Microsoft PowerPoint document (Right-click and choose “Save As…”)

For Your Information: The outlines and PowerPoints above are provided for your benefit. I encourage you to take the information and make it your own instead of just downloading and using it without study. Do not become lazy in learning, but let these become seeds of thought for future lessons

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