Last night, I sat down with my journals over the past few years to reflect on the past and I ran across this short list I am made regarding the leadership of the church. I did not include a lengthy discussion, just the points as I thought of them. Take a moment and see what you think.

What Type of Leadership Does the Church Need?

  • The church needs a leading leadership. – Shepherds need to lead the flock, not follow them.
  • The church needs a seeking leadership. – The leadership seeks to seek the lost sheep and bring them back to the flock. The leadership needs to see the will of God, not the thoughts of man.
  • The church needs a prepared leadership. – The leaders need to be prepared for the good and prepared for the bad. Someone once said, “Good and bad situations should never surprise a leader. They are always prepared.”
  • The church needs a visionary leadership. – The leadership should examine questions like, “Where will the congregation be in one year? 5 years? 10 years?”
  • The church needs a knowledgeable leadership. – The leadership needs a knowledge of the word of God and the flock to which they lead.
  • The church needs a faithful leadership.
  • The church needs a confronting leadership. – The leaders need to confront sin.


What Type of Leadership Does the Church NOT Need?

  • The church does not need a leadership into “bill-paying” only.
  • The church does not need a pew packing leadership. – Success is not found in numbers, but in faithfulness.
  • The church does not need a micro-managing leadership.
  • The church does not need a “maintenance leadership.” – Maintaining a congregation and leading a congregation are two different things.


Just my thoughts,

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